Let’s do this…

12 May 2020

For the last couple of years, I’ve been trying to find time to develop and refine the idea of a central online training platform for pro bono students. It hasn’t happened for a number of good reasons, but also, if I’m honest, for a couple of poor excuses (which, in that respect, makes it similar to my non-fulfilment of long-held running ambitions).

Anyway, sitting now, in lockdown, I’ve really got no excuse. I’m going to use the time I would have spent commuting – plus a few additional hours, time I may have spent running – to sketch out the PBS idea and see if I can persuade some others to become involved. Fingers crossed this will work. Time will tell.

In terms of the ambition, I hope that PBS can make a full suite of ‘core training’ available to all of Scotland’s law clinics by the start of the new term. This should cover practical skills, relevant substantive law, procedural issues, and student wellness. In time, with COVID behind us, it’d be great if we can then launch in-person multi-clinic masterclasses so that students can collaborate, network and receive feedback while they train.

But first for step one, writing a mission statement and assembling a team…”