Jonathan Goodyear joins PBS

14 May 2020 (“PBS”) is delighted to announce that Jonathan Goodyear, Student Director of the Aberdeen Law Project, has agreed to co-found the platform.

Jonathan Goodyear, co-founder of PBS, said: “Ryan has, in typical fashion, turned the skeleton of an idea into a real prospect in incredibly short order. PBS is the result of that process and I’m very much looking forward to being part of it and leading the technical side of the platform’s development.

“Sourcing training for the various groups of students involved in pro bono across Scotland is no mean feat and consumes time the profession could otherwise spend supporting student volunteers in other ways. PBS stands to solve that problem and I’m excited – no doubt like those leading Scotland’s other student clinics – to see the difference the platform will make.

PBS is a platform that’s already growing rapidly. Every conversation Ryan has had with firms has led to them supporting the platform. We therefore need to ensure that it is built to be secure, sustainable, and scalable so that we can serve a userbase that’s likely to grow into the thousands in time. With that rather daunting task in mind, I ought to stop yammering and get prototyping…”