PBS appoints Rebecca Samaras patron

02 September 2021

Probonoskills.com (“PBS”) is pleased to announce that Rebecca Samaras, Director of Pro Bono and Clinical Legal Education, University of Edinburgh, has agreed to become a Patron of PBS.

Rebecca Samaras is a graduate of the universities of Edinburgh and Prague, is responsible for developing and leading Edinburgh Law School’s award-winning pro bono activity. This role includes coordinating and managing the award winning Free Legal Advice Centre. In addition to this, Rebecca is a trustee of the Access to Justice Foundation and the Clinical Legal Education Organisation, sits on the Law Society of Scotland’s Access to Justice Committee and chairs the Scottish University Law Clinic Network.

Commenting on her appointment, Rebecca Samaras said: “The formation of PBS has strengthened and enhanced the pro bono movement in Scotland. I say this as a solicitor and an educator who is encouraged to see how all areas of our legal community are contributing to legal education and to the provision of access to justice. I commend everyone involved so far and offer PBS my full support.”

Aideen Byrne, Co-founder of PBS, said: “It’s wonderful to have such a prominent supporter for PBS in Rebecca. I know her guidance will be invaluable as we draw on her extensive knowledge of pro bono and clinical legal education in Scotland.”